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What's slowing down my site? High TTFB or something else?
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What's slowing down my site? High TTFB or something else?
01-27-2016, 11:30 AM
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What's slowing down my site? High TTFB or something else?
I have WP Fastest Cache and Cloudflare and it still often takes more than 3 seconds for the first bites to load. I test my site with WebPageTest and most of the time I get an F score for TTFB.

Sometimes my site loads fast, but a lot of times it loads really really slow. And that was the case even before I got a CDN (Cloudflare) and WP Fastest Cache, and it's still the case after. I've tried other Caching plugins as well, but my site still often loaded slow.

Even if I pause Cloudflare and activate WP Fastest Cache, the TTFB is still high most of the time, and vise versa. Even when I leave both off or both on.

Any idea what could cause the TTFB to be so high regardless of what I do? It doesn't appear to be Cloudflare or WPFC causing it, and neither seem to be able to do anything about it. I believe this to be my biggest problem because most of my webpagetests show it taking the longest.

I'm not even sure if a high TTFB is a problem. Cloudflare seem to think it isn't:

I've always had slow loading pages since I created my site, so I wonder if it doesn't have something to do with my webhost (hostgator).

I was going to show a webpagetest of my site, but it's different every time I test it. I've been having high TTFB, but doesn't seem to be as bad right now for some reason. My site is, if you want to test it.

There are some things I'm noticing though from all of my testing:

1. TTFB usually high - 'F' score.

2. A lot of times I get a bad score for "optimize images", yet I just installed a plugin the other day that went through and optimized all of my images, so I'm wondering what is up with that? Why is webpagetest and google pagespeed insights both telling me to optimize my images when I already have?

3. Why does google pagespeed insights always tell me to leverage browser caching and webpagetest sometimes gives me a bad score for caching also, yet I'm using a caching plugin?

4. There are a couple of CSS resources that google pagespeed insights says I need to optimize the delivery of (Style.css and styles.php - both from my themes folder). I just did a webpagetest that showed styles.php taking a long time. I tried to do something about it with the autoptimize plugin, but couldn't. They told me on their forum that their plugin couldn't help with it. Anything I can do to optimize the delivery of those two CSS resources?

5. Fonts seem to be taking a long time too, but not sure what to do about that.

6. Tests often tell me to minify something - CSS or Javascript, when I already am with the autoptimize plugin. I've also tried it with my CDN (Cloudflare), and the tests still advise me to minify. Why is that?

If you can advise me what to do about any of the above, or see something I missed in a test of my site, let me know.

Thank you
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What's slowing down my site? High TTFB or something else? - kuurt - 01-27-2016 11:30 AM

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