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What's slowing down my site? High TTFB or something else?
02-02-2016, 11:58 AM
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RE: What's slowing down my site? High TTFB or something else?
Thank you for replying.

Quote:I made some tests the last days for your page. The TTFB varies between 0.3sec and more than 3sec. I think this a sign that the problem come from your Hoster. If they have many sites on the server and there is much traffic all slows down. The TTFB for your page goes up.
Yes, I think it must be my webhost also, after everything else I've tried. And I do have Hostgator as well, just like the guy in the post you linked to who was having the same or similar problem with Hostgator.

But I also tested other peoples websites who I know are also using Hostgator and they don't seem to be having this problem. I know one guy that has had at least 20 websites with Hostgator and he says he's never had a problem with Hostgator.

So I thought maybe they just had my site on a server that was overloaded. But I found this reverse IP lookup tool (, and you can put your website in and it shows you all the other sites that it finds on the same server. I checked a few different websites that I had bookmarked and some had like 80 sites on the same server. One had 351 sites on the same server, and yet they didn't have the slow loading problem that I have. My site only had 8 domains on the same server, with only 6 of them up and working, including mine.

After doing this WebPageTest here on several different websites and almost all of them get an "F" rating for TTFB, I realized that I can't pay any attention to that - I'll probably always get an F regardless. But, what was different about my site's TTFB is that mine often has a really long bar in the waterfall view for that while all the other sites I've checked do not. They still get an F, but they don't have a long bar.

So, I'm guessing the problem is on hostgators server end but it doesn't sound like it's overloaded. Not sure what else it could be.

I don't know what I can do about that styles.php, it always takes a long time as well.
Quote:Perhaps you make a test and place a link to your result here without your rocket-plugin to see whats changing.
I don't have a rocket-plugin, I'm guessing you're talking about my caching plugin?
With WP Fastest Cache:
With WP Fastest Cache deactivated:

I look at what you said about the images and fonts later, I'm getting hungry at the moment.
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