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Private instance not returning connectivity field
04-17-2016, 01:22 AM
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RE: Private instance not returning connectivity field
(04-16-2016 08:57 AM)josephscott Wrote:  Just took a look at the JSON results for my private instance of WPT and it did include the connectivity field.

Questions that come to mind:
- Is the API request going out to WPT including a connection profile?
- Anything interesting related to this in the PHP error logs?

Hi josephscott, I think I've uncovered what went wrong, my suspicions were the dummynet installation was not complete as I found a post on this forum where a user was only able to do tests when he had "connectivity=LAN" set on his desktop agent, and his test would not run if he did not have it set (commented out/deleted connectivity field from agent in locations.ini). I knew I had a similar problem.

So I rechecked the installation steps. Turns out the "copy the files from the 32bit or 64bit folder to the dummynet folder" was never completed. The service, however, was installed, which threw me off earlier.

This also explained why we had to hardcode our connectivity in our 2 agent profiles.

So I assume hardcoding the connectivity=LAN for desktop and connectivity="WiFi" for the mobile agent would prevent WPT from returning a connectivity in its response?

After copying these files, I now can submit jobs with custom connectivity (3G, Cable, ...) and I also see it appear in its response.

Thanks for the input!
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