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Why are some resources being downloaded twice?
08-29-2010, 09:06 AM
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RE: Why are some resources being downloaded twice?
Cool, glad you figured it out - I should probably start keeping track of a knowledge base for things like that because it's a head-scratcher and usually hard to figure out.

Looking at the waterfall as well as the page itself I'd say step number 1 is to take a look at all of those 24-bit png's which are freakishly huge and see if you can get by with 8-bit versions. I looked at the iPads one for example and I couldn't visually tell the difference in photoshop between 24 bit and 8 bit (and it dropped from 230KB to 55KB). It looks like you're using simple transparency which will work fine with png-8 as well. The 1.3MB for your page is pretty huge - on the order of CNN which is not one of the faster sites out there.

It does look like you've done a good job optimizing the number of requests themselves though. You'd get some pretty good bang on IE7 by merging your javascript files together (IE8 hides it because it loads them in parallel).


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