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Load Time is smaller than Start Render. What does it mean?
03-17-2011, 11:59 PM
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RE: Load Time is smaller than Start Render. What does it mean?
I really need to make the advanced use of visual comparisons easier :-)

- If you look at the normal testing UI, there is a "video" tab in the advanced section that lets you capture a video of any test from any location. Make sure to also fill in a label so you can remember what you tested.

- Run tests for everything you want to compare (configure each for at least 3 runs). You'll need to submit the tests individually

- After you have tests for everything you want to compare, go into the "test history" tab and you will see all of the tests you have run (and any tests with video will have a checkbox available next to them)

- Select the tests you want to compare to each other and hit the compare button

This way you'll be able to do direct visual comparisons between the different permutations.

1 - The DocumentComplete time is a technical measurement that the browser fires (onLoad event) when all of the resources for the page have been processed but it doesn't necessarily mean anything has been displayed to the screen.

2 - It's possible, particularly for really fast pages, but I haven't seen many cases where that is the case (actually none once the code was solid).

3 - Possibly, but it's also possible that the js you removed was introducing an event or pause that allowed the browser to render the screen. Looking at the NZ w/out js test in particular, it looks like the javascript that remains is pegging the CPU at 100% which is what is pushing out the start render. That's a great case for running dynaTrace against the site to identify the exact code that is causing the problem (though you'll probably want a javascript developer to do the work there). I can probably identify the cause pretty quickly but fixing it could be a lot harder depending on what is going on.
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