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why does info in "requests.csv" vary?
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why does info in "requests.csv" vary?
05-20-2011, 05:35 AM
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why does info in "requests.csv" vary?
I recently submitted some tests to WPT through Perlscript (via API calls) for

First, please consider the "default" case (i.e. Dulles_IE7.DSL, runs=1, fvonly=0). Mostly the "requests.csv" file I download has all the info as expected - e.g. Default_IE7_1. Column C shows that both "Cleared Cache-Run_1" and "Cached-Run_1" tests were conducted - as expected.

However, on 2 occasions, I saw that only "Cached-Run_1" test was done - e.g. see Default_IE7_2 - even though I didn't change any of the parameters.

Question #1: Would you know why this arbitrary behavior occurs?

Now consider a slightly different case from the "default" - the only difference being that instead of IE7, the browser was Chrome (i.e. Dulles_Chrome.DSL). In this case, the "requests.csv" files I receive seem to consistently:

a) Conduct only one of the 2 tests: "Cleared Cache-Run_1" and "Cached-Run_1" (I can't tell which - most probably the former), and

b) Leave the first 3 columns, and a few others, empty

To see what I mean, here are 2 example "requests.csv" files: Default_Chrome_1 and Default_Chrome_2.

Question #2: Would appreciate very much if you could shed some light on why this happens...

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why does info in "requests.csv" vary? - agraan - 05-20-2011 05:35 AM

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