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Web Page Performance Test for

From: Dulles, VA - Chrome - Cable
12/09/19 12:41:51

Tester: VM01-06-
First View only
Test runs: 3
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Performance Results (Median Run)

Document Complete Fully Loaded
Load Time First Byte Start Render First Contentful
Speed Index Last Painted Hero First CPU Idle Time Requests Bytes In Time Requests Bytes In Cost
First View (Run 2) 7.763s 0.198s 0.800s 0.725s 4.121s 7.100s 2.353s 7.763s 177 1,857 KB 7.853s 178 1,865 KB $$$$-
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Test Results

Run 1:

Waterfall Screenshot
First View

Run 2:

Waterfall Screenshot
First View
Content Breakdown

Run 3:

Waterfall Screenshot
First View