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WebPageTest Pro Experiment

  • ExperimentSettings: motog4Chromev1024GVirginia USA
    • First View only
    • Test runs: 3
    • Connectivity: 9000/9000 Kbps, 170ms Latency
    • Custom Metrics

    Experiment Info:

    • Find/Replace Text

      This experiment will find and replace occurrences of text in the page, with the option of using regular expressions, capturing parentheses, and flags as well


      • <link[^>]*rel="preload"[^>]*>
      • on

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    Main-thread Processing

    Where the browser's main thread was busy, not including idle time waiting for resources (view timeline).

    Processing Breakdown

    Timing Breakdown

    All of the main-thread activity including idle (waiting for resources usually) (view timeline).