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Requests Details

Use this page to explore the metric timings and request waterfall for any run of your test.

Page Performance Metrics (Run 2)

TTFB Start Render DC Time DC Requests DC Bytes Total Time Total Requests Page Weight
.000S .000S .000S - - .000S - -

Waterfall View

Start Render
Document Complete
Render Blocking Resource Insecure Request 3xx response4xx+ response
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Step 1
customize waterfallView all ImagesView HTTP/2 Dependency GraphFilmstrip

Connection View

Step 1
DNS Lookup
Initial Connection
Start Render
Document Complete
Connection View waterfall diagram

Request Details

Before Start Render
Before On Load
After On Load
3xx Response
4xx Response

Request Details
# Resource Content Type Request Start DNS Lookup Initial Connection Time to First Byte Content Download Bytes Downloaded CPU Time Error/Status Code IP