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Full Version: logData 0-steps after logData 1 possible?
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is it possible (and leads to valid measurements) to perform steps in a script with a logData-sequence like:

logData 0
navigate ...
logData    1
exec    document.getElementById('TconInEmail').value='myUserName';
exec    document.getElementById('TconInPassword').value='myPassword';
execAndWait document.getElementById('b_login_with_password').click();
logData    0
execAndWait    $("img[alt='Send Order']")[0].click();

So in other words: Is it possible to perform steps not to measure afterwards the step to measure?

Regards, Nils
Should be but honestly since it's not being measured and nothing after that step is measured there isn't much use unless you need it to reset some back-end state (like clear out the shopping cart).
That's exactly what I need: There shouldn't remain articles in shopping cart.
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