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Full Version: Please help in reducing initial connection time
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please find test results at Some times initial connection is more than 45 secs. Please help me in reducing this time as it is the most effecting factor.
Do you see the same behavior from different test locations (and not from the same location testing different sites)? There are a few things that can cause a long initial connect time:

- Packet loss in the network (though you'd expect that to impact all of the connections equally, not just the first one). This could be anywhere between the client PC and the server.

- Server-side capacity issues (where the server cannot accept new connections)

- DOS rate-limiting of some kind. The server side could intentionally be holding down connections.

I'd recommend running tests from several different locations to try to narrow it down a bit but if it is on the server side you're going to have to do some diagnosing there.
First, Thank you for the quick reply.
Tested it with diff. locations, please find the results below.

New York -
London -
Stockholm Sweden -
Bangalore India -
Sydney Aus -

Load times vary each time. If you confirm this as a server side issue, I will try to sit with my hosting server team. From my end, I have checked my code and all with timestamps it is being executed in less than 1 sec.
Some times when I tried to ping or tracert this url, I am getting request timed out message or * .
Yes, this is a server-side issue either on the server itself or something in the network very close to the server (in case there is a security device or flapping router in the path).
Thanks for your inputs meenan.
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