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Full Version: black screenshots after disconnecting via rdp
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I use wpt version 2.5.

If I connect/disconnect from an agent via RDP screenshots aren't taken correctly afterwards (they are just black). I've done everything from installation-instructions like disabling screensavers et cetera.

Screenshots are taken correctly after disconnecting via VNC. So I can work with that but unfortunately RDP-connections are much more performant than VNC-connections are (I tried tightVNC and UltraVNC).
So is it possible to connect/disconnect via RDP having Screenshots taken with Avisynth correctly?

Regards, Nils
You need to reboot the test machine instead of disconnecting RDP (if you hit alt-f4 to exit the session you will be given a restart option). RDP locks the desktop when you disconnect which causes the video and screen shots to break.


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