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Full Version: redirects confuse FF-measurements
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I am using wpt 2.5 (incl. agent-patch for Chrome/FF-agents) wth IE 8, Chrome 16 and FF 7-agents.

I have the following problems with my FF 7-measurements:

Many of my pages do redirects in different ways. Some pages are loaded from the onload-event of a wait-page, for example. The FF-results of these pages are getting into a mess: e.g. a search result-page shows a document complete-time of about 4 and a fully loaded-time of about 5.5 seconds, tested with IE 8. Same page tested with FF 7 shows a document complete-time of 0.1 and a fully loaded-time of about 3.5 seconds. The first html-request for the wait-page is measured for document loaded-time, apparently (see attachement).

I will try to integrate some end condition-commands in wpt-scripts like requiredRequest (with requests for static resources on the main page) but don' know whether that will change the measurements.

Do you have another idea to obtain comparable IE- and FF-measurements with pages incl. redirects?
Do you have a publicly-reachable page that you can share for testing? It could be a simple bug in the new agent code (firefox/chrome) where the IE agent uses the time of the last onLoad, it is possible that the wptdriver agent is using the first onload and not allowing it to be updated.

I'll take a look at the code but a test case would help.
The script of my example:

logData    0
execAndWait    document.getElementById('TconHrefModul_02').click();
logData    1
exec    document.getElementById('searchValue').value='shirt';
execAndWait    document.getElementById('top_search_submit').click();
Some news about that subject?
Is it possible that changing the FF-version (e.g. from 7 to 3.6 or 8) will solve this problem?
Sorry, last week was crazy - I'll take a look today. I don't think changing the Firefox version will have any effect.
Found the issue and have a fix. You can grab an updated overlay.js for the firefox extension from here: (goes in templates\Firefox\extensions\\chrome\content) or if you want to wait until later today I'll also have a full binary update for the agent that includes the fix.


ok, the updated agent package is available from here:

Just extract the contents to your agent directory or drop it in the work/update directory on your server (if you drop it in work/update you will need to extract wptupdate.ini from the zip to the same directory).

Here is a sample result:


Thanks a lot!!!
I will test the patch as soon as possible.
That works, great!!!

Chrome-Jobs broke since I brought in the new patch. On agents with chrome-version 16 chrome-jobs work, on agents with chrome 17 the jobs aren't working (maybe that error appeared independent of the patch).
Chrome opens with "about:blank" in adress line and nothing happens till timeout. I have installed the patch through automatic update-mechanism (deleted everything from work/update-folder and copied zip and ini to it). Some weeks ago I installed your 2.5 agent-patch to get Chrome16/IE8 to work on same agents.

If work/update/ and work/update/wptupdate.ini are for agent-updates, what are work/update/ and work/update/update.ini for?
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