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Full Version: Page speed
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Our page speed is 1.12 getting 80/100. Is this 1.12 seconds? Our page takes 3.6secs to first render and load time 6 secs which I presume is 2.4 secs not 1.12.


Also I notice that many items overlap so it seems that there isn't any point in reducing some of these items. The initial first byte is very slow at 2.4 - 3 seconds which I think is the web server but otherwise can someone have a look at the result and just give a general opinion.
The 1.12 is the version of the Page Speed library, not related to the results.

The first byte is certainly the painful long-pole that should be addressed. It doesn't necessarily mean it is the "web server" per say, but the application code running on the web server and any back-end databases and services that it talks to.
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