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Full Version: screen shot problem
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when i use video=1 , the screen shot has some problem and page didn't fully loaded.
how can i fix it?

no video


with video

Using the 2.5 release? The regular screen shots and video capture should use the exact same code path so it doesn't make a lot of sense. Is the screen saver and display power management disabled? Is the desktop logged in for testing?
I use v2.5. Screen saver and power management is disabled, test user also automatic logged. The difference is use video=1 or not. The other configs are same.

Filmstrip View and Watch Video can work well.

Sorry for my poor english.


result folder of problem test

Hmm, that's really strange - it looks like it captured the start render and document complete screen shots but not the fully loaded one.

Try pulling the latest agent code from here: and see if that behaves better. I'm planning on doing a 2.6 release this week that will include the latest agents.


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