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Full Version: First byte time >F< with W3TC, CDN, KeepAlive: enabled
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Ok, this is what I got:
Total query time: 0.01429s for 25 queries.
Total num_query time: 0.484 for 27 num_queries.
ยป Different values in num_query and query? - please set the constant define('SAVEQUERIES', true);in your wp-config.php
Page generated in 0.48159s, 97.03% PHP, 2.97% MySQL

Longest query time is 0,0015s, that's not very long, right?
I tried to add define('SAVEQUERIES', true);in wp-config.php, but nothing changed. What are num-queries, these takes 0.484s to load?

And I really don't know why, but none of chaching plugins works for me, I tried Supercache, W3TC, Quickcache, Hyper cache. I searched google for two days, but I couldn't find what's wrong. Could this be host fault?
That's not bad at all (in the grand scheme of things). I can't see how it would be a problem with the hosting provider, it's more likely a plugin or template conflict of some kind.
Now finally I solved my problem. One of the plugins was messing up. I really don't know which. I disabled all plugins and then enabled which ones I needed the most. I think it was Wordpress Gzip compression, but I'm not really sure. And now Supercache works! And I got A for First byte time and my site is much faster. Big Grin Here are results
I wanted to thanks anyone who helped me, especially Patrik! Thanks a lot.
Nice, those are really good times (not insane like marvin has been doing but really awesome).
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