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Full Version: Weird 302 - Subdomain
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I am getting a weird 302 before my website downloads. It's making my site lag by 2-3 seconds on average.

I am totally lost on why I am getting this.

Any directions would be really cool and much appreciated Smile

Thanks in Advance.
Can you share what's in your .htaccess file, and which Wordpress plug-ins you're using?
Thank you again Smile
I see you're hosting your site at GoDaddy. Have a look at these three posts.

A GoDaddy employee writes:

Quote:The issue you are experiencing may be related to filters we may have currently applied to protect your site. They are enabled when a large volume of external traffic occurs on the server and we need to ensure only legitimate requests are being processed. Our servers and environments are fully operational at this time. They will drop off automatically. If you continue to face the same issues, please contact our Support Team directly to have the account reviewed.

Strange methods. Anyway, you should contact GoDaddy Support and have them try to resolve the issue as it's probably caused by some rule on the server that you cannot alter rather than by your own Wordpress setup.

PS: For security reasons, consider removing the information about your .htaccess and plug-ins above. When it's no longer necessary for troubleshooting, there's no need to have others know which plug-ins you're using :-)
Cool Thanks so much Robzilla.

Weird but Ill contact godaddy and get it to work.

Would have never guessed it was a godaddy thing.

Thanks again Robzilla
Me neither. It seems very illogical for a web host to step in and change a hosted website's behavior.

You're welcome. I hope they fix this for you, or else you may have to start looking at hosting your site elsewhere (always a hassle).

Good luck!
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