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I'm happy to announce the latest release for Private installs:

The biggest changes/improvements:
- Fixes to support recent Chrome and Firefox releases
- Interactive waterfalls
- Console log reporting
- Capturing of response bodies for text resources

To go along with the release there are also AMI's available on EC2 that are configured for IE9/Chrome/Firefox -
Patrick, when I upgraded to 2.6, the waterfalls and their thumbnails stopped working. Any advice?
Can you grab the error log and see if anything interesting shows up (may need to comment out the error_reporting(0) in

What version of PHP are you running - there's a chance we may have introduced some code that requires 5.3.

I'll be a bit slow to respond this week (traveling) so don't be put off if I don't respond right away.


updating to php 5.3 did the trick for me, thank you very much!
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