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Full Version: How can I improve the load times of my site?
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The first-byte load time seems to be EXTREMELY slow. I'm using Wordpress, Cloudflare and self-hosted CDN in 4 subdomains.

What could I do for the first-byte time to improve? Also note that I cannot pay for anything, as you'd notice I even have a donation form in my site, which I don't like having anyway.

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P.S. Feel free to ask any questions if needed...
First, test the www. version of your site - that will keep the redirect out of the test and shave 400ms from the first byte time.

For the 2.5sec first byte time you're probably going to have to:
1 - disable any plugins you don't absolutely need
2 - enable some form of server-side page caching (W3 total cache or supercache plugins)

The slow performance is caused by the code generating the pages (probably the database queries specifically) and the caching plugins will hide the problem which is usually the most you can hope for on shared hosting.

If you're up for more intensive development you can use a query debugger or WP profiler to track down the root cause of the issue and try to fix it as well.
I've disabled a few plugins recently, the page load time haven't changed much... I've also properly configured (as on a shared hosting) W3TC plugin, forgot to mention that in the OP.

Thanks for the suggestion for digging deeper, I've downloaded the plugin and took a look at what might be causing the problem. Found one plugin with some legacy code that was slowing down the site. Now it's a bit faster. Smile
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