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Full Version: Test wont load... times out. Why?
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Here's the results page:

Why won't results load or what are these results?

I ran tests at pingdom and gtmetrix and both work fine. However, I have higher regard for webpagetest and would like to know how to fix this.

Looks like there is something tripping up the agent - you see that kind of a result when the agent crashes (usually when it is checking the optimizations). I opened a bug to track it and should be able to look at it and get it fixed in the next day or so. It's not a problem with your site, in that case there would be test results but with an error displayed.


Thanks. I will check back on Friday.
Still now love. Any update on this?

No good new anyway. The browser is hanging in the middle of loading the page and there are no useful call stacks pointing to any code so it's going to be quite a bit more involved to track down.

The Chrome and Firefox agent is working ( ) but the IE one is going to take a while to fix (I am moving IE over to the new codebase anyway so I may just accelerate that effort).
Haha IE is always a pain in the you know what. Smile Soo strange. :/

Anything I should worry about as far as end users?

Update: I'm using IE 9 it seems to be a bug with IE 8 only!
No, I'm 90+% sure that something I'm doing is pissing off IE, it's just not obvious exactly what. The old codebase (used for IE) is pretty crufty and has been patched over 5 years so I'm cautiously optimistic that it won't be a problem on the new code (which is much cleaner and is used for all 3 browsers).
BTW if its of any help we've only been seeing these issue since updated their ad code to new async code. Confused

The pages def load faster but now WPT is broken.
Do you have any field data from Google Analytics site speed or something else? There's a good chance that there's a timing-sensitive issue with the async ads that is really pushing out the onload, particularly since it doesn't appear to happen 100% of the time:

I managed to get it to fail only once out of 10 runs:

I'm working on integrating the dev tools timeline data so it's possible that we'll be able to extract more information that way.
Any update on IE issues?
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