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Hi Pat,
I tested some sites with my wpt and compare the result to with the same those sites. But the reports of my Connection View and Waterfall View show infomation (about images, js, css) less than's.
Note, I set the "run" param to 1. I wonder did it change the results!
Please tell me some info. Thanks!
Do you have flash installed on your test agent? If not, that could explain the difference. Hard to say for sure without knowing more about the missing resources.
First time i run testing, information in waterfall view is load full like's. But the 2nd, 3rd time... it doesn't. I think it might be caching resources on Test agent's browser (mine is chrome). Although I disable cache on chrome but no change. Is there any advise for this problem?
Did you modify the command line parameters for Chrome in the wptdriver.ini file? You need to keep at least the --user_profile_dir setting (or whatever it actually is). That tells Chrome to use a custom directory for the user profile and the disk cache goes in there. The WebPagetest agent completely nukes the custom profile directory (the one it is expecting to be set, not any random path) so it wouldn't be possible for resources to persist.
Hi Pat,
I fixed it, just set option clear cache chrome in wptdriver.ini Smile
Ah, one more question: Can I update Test Agent v2.6 but not update web server part (keep web server v2.3)?
I can't remember if the 2.3 server supported Chrome. If it does then yes, you should be able to update the agents without changing the server - they are usually backward compatible (you just won't get some of the new options exposed in the newer server code).
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