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Full Version: Ignore SSL Certificate Error issue with IE9
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Hi, can you please advice on following issue:

Configuration of test agent: Private WebPageTest v2.6, Win 7 64, IE 9.
I'm running tests against local secure web page with invalid certificate. So I selected "Ignore SSL Certificate Error" option.
IE9 (pagetest.exe) starts, opens page (ignoring certificate error). But then page's GWT widget attempts to make RPC call to the service (same server as the page) and this call fails with Error/Status Code: 12045 - which stays for certificate error.

Is it possible that "Ignore certificate error" feature doesn't work for particular type of requests?

PS. I can successfully open the same page if I start IE9 manually and bypass certificate error warning.
Thanks, I'll see if I can reproduce it - filed a bug to keep track:
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