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I am trying to test the URL http://coloradotest.doortodoororganics.c...p/veggies. I have attached an image of the results I am seeing. I am clueless, and searching on 'N/A' is not fruitful.


I had been successfully testing the site for a couple of weeks, and I have no idea what changed to be causing this now.

Thank you for any suggestions.
If you are testing an SSL site using Chrome you won't get much useful information - we're working on adding visibility into the HTTPS requests right now. If you use IE or Firefox you should get a more useful waterfall.
Thank you for the prompt reply! I knew compression would show N/A for FireFox, I hadn't realized it applied across the board for Chrome at this point.

Actually, Compression only shows N/A for SSL for IE (Firefox should be accurate). Should have IE working better for HTTPS later in the year but my guess is that "what changed" was just the browser you were using for testing.

Getting HTTPS requests visible for Chrome is near the top of my priority list (at the top of the dev work list) so it will be coming real soon.
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