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Full Version: Fully loaded time is long past document complete
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Hello there, I have been seeing some odd behavior where "Fully Loaded" time is often long after the Document Complete time, even for sites with no javascript.

My test: (since it only has 3 objects, it eliminates a lot of external factors)


In Run 1 ( ), Document Complete and Fully Loaded are fairly close, and the difference appears to be the nonexistent favicon.

In Run 2, however ( ) we get a Fully Loaded time of 2.5 seconds.

Run 3 is similar to Run 1.

Why is the result in Run 2 so far off from the other two? It throws the median quite a bit, and I can't figure out what would still be loading in Run 2 that would make it still see network activity.

I have seen this in quite a few different tests, but this is by far the simplest example. Am I just missing something about the way Fully Loaded is calculated?
Here is another example:

In this one, it looks like all the tests are showing a fully loaded time well after the waterfall stops. This is a much more complex site than the other test, and it appears that the Fully Loaded results are more frequently in the 4-5 second range even though the waterfall usually stops at 2.5-3.2

I frequently, but not always, get this type of result with this particular site. That's what led me to check other sites... I thought there was something special about this site that was still loading behind the scenes (though from looking at network traffic while loading the site, I haven't yet seen anything).

The Berkshire Hathaway site, however, has only three objects, no javascript, no SSL, and it'll occasionally do it too.
Ahh, thank you for a reliable failcase. I captured a timeline for the site and there is nothing in their either:

Now that I have a site that reliably shows the problem I should be able to track it down pretty quickly (absolutely looks like a problem with the Chrome agent).

I opened a critical bug to track it:

I'm expecting to be in the Chrome agent code today adding support for seeing the SSL timings so I'll get it fixed while I'm in there.
Hi Pat -- I was looking into this issue again, and I couldn't tell from the SVN commit notes or issue tracker if it's been changed.

For my private instance, should I go with the development copy of wptdriver, or is there an upcoming 2.7 private instance I should wait for?
Just fixed it. I have one other fix I want to get in and then I'll release a new binary this afternoon.
ok, you can grab the updated agent from here:

To install the update:
- Copy the zip file to your /work/update folder on your server
- Extract wptupdate.ini from the zip file to the same directory

The agent will update itself before processing any more tasks.


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