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Hey Patrick,
It looks like the jsonUrls reported through the API are not working - the page renders the same as the userURL html

Also, can the pingback parameter be used to report results to a private showslow instance?
Showslow expects the beacons in a different format than the pingbacks. If you run a private WebPagetest instance then you can configure it to send beacons to showslow but the public instance can't send beacons to private showslow instances.

Can you send a sample result that has JSON urls that aren't working? The JSON support is spotty so it's possible it hasn't been implemented somewhere yet.
Hey Patrick, here is an example of the json url I get back
It renders tot eh page results

Also - question on the pingbacks, do they notify the specified ural as the test progresses or upon completion - I seem to be getting multiple notifications

I'm wondering where you got the ?f=json URL in the first place. I think runtest.php will return a path for an XML result but I didn't think it provided a JSON one (mostly because JSON isn't supported for the test results yet).
The pingbacks should only be on completion. I just verified the code and it's inside the code block that is only run when a test finishes so there shouldn't be a way for it to be calling multiple times.
Hey Pat,

I'm also getting ?f=json URL on my private instance through the API, e.g.:
$ curl "http://localhost/runtest.php?"
    "statusCode": 200,
    "statusText": "Ok",
    "data": {
        "testId": "120815_7M_D",
        "ownerKey": "f732751fab15be88f777e6e0715b1ffe7963f723",
        "jsonUrl": "http://localhost/results.php?test=120815_7M_D&f=json",
        "xmlUrl": "http://localhost/xmlResult.php?test=120815_7M_D",
        "userUrl": "http://localhost/results.php?test=120815_7M_D",
        "summaryCSV": "http://localhost/csv.php?test=120815_7M_D",
        "detailCSV": "http://localhost/csv.php?test=120815_7M_D&requests=1"
But http://localhost/results.php?test=120815_7M_D&f=json returns the same as http://localhost/results.php?test=120815_7M_D

Yeah, that would be a bug where I optimistically expected to implement json support for the results but haven't gotten around to it yet - sorry. If it would help and XML is too painful I can see about cranking out the JSON support in the next week or so.
Hey all - Wondering if full(er) JSON support is still on the horizon or available?

from my quick testing, it looks like f=json works fine for: runtest.php and testStatus.php but not yet for results.php - is that correct or am derping something?

Correct. I will probably implement it in 2-3 weeks after I get back from Velocity Europe (yes, parsing XML is a pain, sorry).
Hi it would be great, if you can provide sort of rough date for full json support.

Many Thanks,

(09-26-2012 05:28 AM)pmeenan Wrote: [ -> ]Correct. I will probably implement it in 2-3 weeks after I get back from Velocity Europe (yes, parsing XML is a pain, sorry).
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