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1, To view the or load the URL of the particular site it requires to login first Without login i cant view the required page

2, Some pages are having AJAX scripts so performance of the page should be done for that

Please help me to move fwd with tool
You'll need to create a script to interact with the pages. The docs and some examples are available here:

Don't hesitate to ask questions though because getting scripts working can be quite a pain.
I tried the scripting but i dont get see anything happening through the scripts, sent the script as a PM to you.
Please let me know my script is written properly
Adding one more question in online can i do a testing to the server present in local
Thanks a lot for the script now my script is working fine, i made mistake with attribute of submit after changing the attribute the tool is working as expected

but still the output ends before the loading of json script is completed
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