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Full Version: How to change Agent AMI configuration?
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I had one pre-built ami running. I had to change my private instance's URL so now these agents don't know where to look.

I checked the ini files in the webpagetest folder, but they don't have server information. I even tried to add the configuration lines from the image I configured myself, but that doesn't work either. I checked environment vars etc.

I can create a new one, but I'd rather edit a config on the existing machine. Anyone know how I would do that?
Just wondering if there's something about the pre-configured AMI's that doesn't work for you. I pretty much treat them as throw-away and spin them up and down as needed (usually on the spot market).

In the ini file there is an entry "EC2=1". If you delete that then you can manually configure all of the settings (use the sample in the distro as an example). The EC2=1 flag tells it to pull the settings from the user-data string that was used when launching.
Thanks Pat. I wanted to save myself the trouble, but what you suggest is actually easier. Thanks again.
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