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Full Version: Firefox Error: Timed Out wpt.2.7.1
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I have a Private instance - Amazon Ec2 - Windows 2008 R2 - 64Bits running with wptdriver for Chrome and Firefox.

When the server is rebooted and I start a test with Chrome browser the test runs OK.
When the server is rebooted and I start a test with Firefox browser the test received timeout and the time to load the page test is too high.
When I connect with a remote desktop and run another test with Firefox browser everithing is OK. When i disconnect the test runs ok too (sure I receive the black screenshot because I ve connected with the RD).

When I reboot the server the problem with the Firefox come again.

Please, do you know whats going wrong with the Firefox browser?



thank you and tell me if you need more info.
Looks like onload isn't firing. Can't tell you why but does it happen for all pages you test?
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