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Full Version: Video not working after upgrade
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Hi Pat,

I just updated (server and agents) to 2.7.1 but now video isn't working anymore.
The Filmstrip is filled with sceenshots, so I recon the screencaptures work.
No video tho.

Page just says: "Your video will be available shortly. Please wait..."

Update proces for the agents I followed: copy-paste-replace all
Haven't changed any configs etc.

Sorry, there was a bug introduced in 2.7.1 that I'll release 2.7.2 to fix today (Thanks to the guys at Akamai for finding and patching it). The security enhancements accidentally blocked one form of the videos from getting through.

You can do a spot fix by grabbing from SVN, that and an update to .htaccess (rewrite rule for the new timeline view wasn't quite right) are the only changes going in to 2.7.2

Here is the updated -
Cool thanks!

I will give that a go today and let you know.

(07-30-2012 07:05 PM)Beauco Wrote: [ -> ]Cool thanks!

I will give that a go today and let you know.

Installed these 2 files and now video works fine again.
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