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Full Version: Scripting multiple iterations with new dataset
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I'm trying to execute 9 iterations with new data for each iterations, below is the code and i couldn't figure out how to insert new data after each iteration.,

Is it possible. Please let me know.

setValue name=form_user_id qatesting4
setValue name=form_password qatesting1234
setValue name=form_confirm_password qatesting1234
//Click dropdown and select the third question
click name=form_security_question
clickAndWait name=form_security_question_3
setValue name=form_security_question_answer Bayarea
setValue name=form_first_name Brian
setValue name=form_last_name Huddleston
setValue name=form_email_address
setValue name=form_confirm_email_address
setValue name=form_business_name QA
setValue name=form_business_address Willowpass rd
setValue name=form_city Menlo Park
//Click on drop down and Select the CA state.
click id=form_state_drop_down_options
clickAndWait name=form_state_drop_down_options
clickAndWait value=CA
setValue name=form_zip 94025
submitForm class=form_submit_button
sleep 5
click id=form_checkbox
clickAndWait id=submit_button
sleep 5
clickAndWait id=logoutButton1
There is some conditional flow control that I just added recently (and just documented right now) that you might be able to use:
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