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I've a question, is it possible to test a facebook application, who require to be authenticated on Facebook?

If the answer is yes, how can I do that?

Thanks in advance.
Thanks for your answer Patrick. I'll check this documentation.
Hummm, it's not working.
I've try with this script:

setValue id=email
setValue id=pass mypassword
sendKeyDownAndWait ENTER

I think the problem is that facebook doesn't like the automatisation tools because the id of the connexion button is generated at each loading of the authentication page.

Maybe have you an idea to bypass it?
instead of the sendKeyDownAndWait you should just:

submitForm login_form

You can also send clicks to the button but it doesn't actually HAVE an ID so you'd have to use a different selector (worst case, the innerHtml match will work).
Humm, with that:

setValue id=email
setValue id=pass mypassword
submitForm login_form

I've the same issue, on the screenshot I can see, the email and the password who have been set but not validated...
Sorry it's me. It works fine.

Thanks a lot Patrick Smile
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