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Full Version: basic authentication - firefox, chrome for location frankfurt, germany
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Hello guys,

first of all, I'd like to thank you for providing such a great service!
I do have a little question about doing performance tests on a password protected domain (basic authentication via htaccess).

The test only includes the location "Frankfurt, Germany" for the browsers IE8, IE9, Chrome and Firefox. Given the correct login data in the "auth"-tab, only tests for both IE browsers pass successfully. Tests with Firefox and Chrome selected yield in a time out and only the authentication window is being captured / displayed. I'm not sure if that kind of functionality is limited to IE browsers only or if it's is a bug for the location itself.

Using Dallas as an alternative location, Firefox and Chrome are working with the identical settings and login information.

It would be awesome to have this great functionality also available for all browsers at this specific location.

Thank you so much for your help!

It's not really a location-specific thing. The auth headers haven't been implemented in any of the Chrome or Firefox agents. I have it on the todo list but in the meantime you can use the addHeader script command to manually add the basic-auth header to the requests.
Thank you so much for your answer and clarification.

From my understanding, I now tried to add a custom script under the tab "script" that sends the authentication via the command "navigate" and "addHeader" (according to the documentation). Although I now get the message: "Invalid URL, please try submitting your test request again."

Here's what I've added to the script message box:

addHeader<tab>Authorization: Basic <base64 encoded username and password string to authenticate>

The domain looks something like this:
Adding http:// in front leads to the same output message.

Not quite sure what I'm doing wrong so far.
Thanks again for all the help and effort!


Okay - I found the answer:

The script needs to look like this in order to work:

addHeader<tab>Authorization: Basic <base64 encoded username and password string to authenticate>

The reason for the error message was an additional space right after the addHeader command which I haven't seen.

So now everything works! Thanks again for the help and the hint Smile
The order is flipped (addHeader command should come before navigate) but that wouldn't explain the invalid URL message. Can you PM the URL to me so I can take a look?
The problem for the invalid url message was an additional space between the addHeader command and the tab which I haven't recognized in the message window. (It might be worth thinking about to extend the error message about an invalid url with hints to check that there are no additional spaces between the command and the url itself and something like that)

Everything's solved and the performance test is running perfectly now.

Thank you for your help and fast response Smile
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