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Is the VS2010 project included with the source set up to compile debug builds, if so then I can build my own as well, I would just need the instructions for how to capture the output. Thanks for the help!

I have solved the problem on one of the machines that was having an issue, the default Administrator account had been disabled, so I re-enabled it and logged in as Administrator. From there the drivers ran perfectly with Firefox, however they will still not run from another account when "run as Administrator" is used. However, there is another machine that will still not work with Firefox regardless of what account I am logged in as.
Yep, the source in SVN has the VS2010 project for the agents right at the top of the tree - (webpagetest.sln) and the built binaries end up in /Debug and /Release

Nothing fancy to get teh output, you just need Debug View - - all of the tracing is output as debug strings.
Here are two debug logs from the exact same machine, one while logged in as the default Administrator account in which Firefox works. And the other is when logged in as another user with admin privileges, this is the one where Firefox never gets past the blank page, I grabbed the debug data at this point rather than waiting the 240 seconds for it to close it.
From the look of the trace, the firefox extension didn't get loaded by the browser. Not sure why though Sad
As a further update to this issue, on machines that are seeing problems loading the Firefox extension in the current version of Firefox, upon installing version 3.6 the driver operates fine.
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