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Full Version: Trouble with gzip, ASP, and IIS7.5
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I'm using IIS7.5 with a classic ASP shopping cart script, but having trouble gzipping some of the pages. I have dynamic and static compression enabled in IIS, but when I check this page: It doesn't say gzip for the encoding and the page size is rather large. Our home page,, appears to gzip correctly, so I think it's something to do with the dyanamically generated pages. I think I have the MIME types configured correctly in IIS to match up with compression. I noticed that there's a line in web.config pointing to gzip.dll, but I don't see that the file actually exists on the system (Windows Server 2008).

Any help is appreciated.


Edit: I see that gzip.dll does exist, still no dice with compressing dynamic pages.
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