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We have tried to optimize our webpage
It pulls lots of data from provider and as you might see its a comparison site for products.
I am testing with this link:
And result you can see here:
We run a VPS server with 5gig ram and 4 cpu on fast UK lines
I would really appreciate any help you can give.
Thank you
You are going to have to use something like New Relic or add some instrumentation to your back-end to get the details on the long first byte times. Since you already mentioned that you are pulling data from a provider, do you know what the performance characteristics of the calls for that data is?

- Do you make one call to the provider to fetch all of the data or do you have to make several?
- How long does each call to the provider take?
- Do you have SLA's?
- Are you allowed to cache the responses?

Blocking back-end calls to an external data provider are performance killers even when done right.
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