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I'm trying to install an hosted webpagetest instance.
I want to install it in the directory www/webpagetest/
So I start to change a lot of path to match my configuration.

But now, when I start a test, I have the message "Test not found".
I already change the rights of the directory tmp/, jobs/
I didn't find anything in the forum to help me.

Thank you for your help


Did you also change the permissions to /results? Can you post your locations.ini file?
thank you for your answer.
You're right! I haven't changed the permissions to /results. I have no longer the message "Test not found".

Thank you.

I come back to post a new problem that I have now.
I submit test to my deported agent. The agent opens IE, load tha url i have submitted. It seems work.

But the page result return "The test completed but there were no successful results."

In the directory "results", I have 2 files, testinfo.ini and testinfo.json.gz.

I try to look into the code. I track some variables, and I have the one "fvMedian" to 0. So i get into an else condition which show the text "The test completed but there were no successful results.".

I don't know where the problem is.

Thank you for your answer.

Check your apache error log to see if it says anything about post sizes being too big or problems writing to the post file temp directory. That error can happen if the php.ini setting for post sizes is too small or the files can't be written for some reason on the server. I have also seen it happen when using PHP < 5.3.

If you don't see any errors in the error log you can set $debug=true; near the top of workdone.php which will cause it to log information about each test result that it processes (and should also log more errors to the error log).
actually, i have always the same problem.
But now i install webpagetest at root so it would be easier to install.

I have the message "The test completed but there were no successful results."

I have no error in apache, access and error log.
And logs from urlblast seems to be normal :
2012/10/22 11:22:44    -1    1004313    1    20    0    Debug    Requesting work from *.*.***.***/work/getwork.php?location=mee_IE&key=&pc=EB-OR1004313
2012/10/22 11:22:44    -1    1004313    1    20    0    Debug    Job of type 'text/plain; charset=UTF-8' received
2012/10/22 11:22:44    -1    1004313    1    20    0    Debug    Url to be tested: http://*.html
2012/10/22 11:22:44    -1    1004313    1    20    0    Debug    Executing 'certutil.exe -urlcache * delete'
2012/10/22 11:22:44    -1    1004313    1    20    0    Debug    Successfully ran 'certutil.exe -urlcache * delete'
2012/10/22 11:22:44    -1    1004313    1    20    0    Debug    Executing 'certutil.exe -setreg chain\ChainCacheResyncFiletime @now'
2012/10/22 11:22:44    -1    1004313    1    20    0    Debug    Successfully ran 'certutil.exe -setreg chain\ChainCacheResyncFiletime @now'
2012/10/22 11:22:44    -1    1004313    1    20    0    Debug    Flushing DNS cache
2012/10/22 11:22:44    -1    1004313    1    20    0    Debug    DnsFlushResolverCache returned 1
2012/10/22 11:22:44    -1    1004313    1    20    0    Debug    Executing 'ipconfig.exe /flushdns'
2012/10/22 11:22:44    -1    1004313    1    20    0    Debug    Successfully ran 'ipconfig.exe /flushdns'
2012/10/22 11:22:44    -1    1004313    1    20    0    Debug    Launching... user='mee', path='C:\Users\mee\Documents\Projets\WebPageTest\webpagetest_2.8\agent\pagetest.​exe', command line='"C:\Users\mee\Documents\Projets\WebPageTest\webpagetest_2.8\agent\pagetest.exe"'
2012/10/22 11:22:44    -1    1004313    1    3    0    Browser Launched    Cleared Cache-Run_1^http://*.html
2012/10/22 11:22:52    -1    1004313    1    20    0    Debug    Uploading 17779 byte file C:\ProgramData\urlblast\121022_6Y_7-1_screen.jpg
2012/10/22 11:22:52    -1    1004313    1    20    0    Debug    Uploading 13793 byte file C:\ProgramData\urlblast\121022_6Y_7-1_screen_doc.jpg
2012/10/22 11:22:52    -1    1004313    1    20    0    Debug    Uploading 13812 byte file C:\ProgramData\urlblast\121022_6Y_7-1_screen_render.jpg
2012/10/22 11:22:52    -1    1004313    1    20    0    Debug    Uploading 17785 byte file C:\ProgramData\urlblast\
2012/10/22 11:22:52    -1    1004313    1    20    0    Debug    Requesting work from *.*.*.*/work/getwork.php?location=mee_IE&key=&pc=EB-OR1004313
2012/10/22 11:22:52    -1    1004313    1    20    0    Debug    Job of type 'text/plain; charset=UTF-8' received
2012/10/22 11:22:52    -1    1004313    1    20    0    Debug    Work request response was empty
Everything looks fine on the agent side. I created a server-side install check that checks for the most common configuration issues. It's part of the 2.6 release but you can download it separately if you'd like:

Just download it to {docroot}/install/index.php on your web server and go to http://<server>/install/ and it will run a bunch of checks for filesystem permissions and php modules.
I try your test and it seems my configuration is good.

I don't know why I can't get the results. I see them in the results directory.

What could i try now to solve this issue?

Thank you
If you go into the results/12/10/22/6Y/7 directory on the web server do the screen shots look right? Do you see a 1_IEWPG.txt.gz and 1_IEWTR.txt.gz file?
in the different results directories, I find testinfo.ini, testinfo.json.gz and sometimes breakdown.json.
I don't find any other files.

Thank you
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