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Hi there,

As we continue to use WPT our knowledge of what to look for has improved. Ideally I'd like to look back at some old film strips.

I appreciate these may get removed from a storage space perspective, but is there any chance old film strips can be recreated/accessed temporarily?

Many thanks,

The filmstrips (and test data in general) should be available forever (well, I haven't intentionally deleted any test data in the last 4 years anyway). The test result URLs should be considered permanent. I do some archiving on the back-end but the data is transparently restored when you access it.

Do you have a case where you had a test but the filmstrip data is now missing?


Thanks Pat. Here's an example:

We had filmstrips for all the runs originally, but you look now a number of runs have "not available"

We've tried recreating the url to see if the video is there eg:

We could be doing something wrong though!


Sorry, the archiving logic used to only keep video for the median run which is why the others are showing as not available. If strip off the run-specific path you can get it: but if you need video for one of the other runs it's not available (and there's no way to get it back).

Things were changed recently and it now archives all of the video for all of the runs but I have to keep an eye on the storage usage and if it becomes a problem I may have to go back to more selective archiving.
Thanks Pat. No worries. It's good to know that it's always the median run which was retained.


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