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Is it possible not to clear OS certificate cache while performing test?

When I run my test case with WPT it reports longer times then IE alone measured with stop watch.

Is certificate revocation list verified every time after restarting IE? I guess there is some overhead while testing with WPT that is not noticeable in real use. Maybe this is the reason.
Right now it is hard-coded and not available to be bypassed. The repeat view runs should not have the certificate cache cleared, just the first view runs (which should be the same for a real first view where the user has never seen your certs before). Shared certs like Google and Facebook are a little fuzzier.

I could potentially add a setting that let you keep the cert cache between runs but there would still be a hit on the first run and Chrome and Firefox would still have theirs cleared out between runs.
Thanks for the response.

It is OK for me to know that cache is not being cleared before repeat view.
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