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Full Version: Bug in the iOS agent ?
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I'm currently testing a webpage with the Dulles iOS agent, together with the akamai mobile service.
On this test :
You can see that index.php is called twice. I first thought about a bug in the code, but a test fired from the Akamai iPhone in germany on mobile does not show the same thing :
However the Akamai iPhone in Ottawa has the bug :

So, Akamai Ottawa iPhone and WPT Dulles iPhone agree on this double inclusion, but not the Akamai Frankurt iPhone.
On the other side, android does not show that, and I havent found a bug in the code.

Any idea ?
My guess is that it's a bug in the iOS agent interacting with the UIWebView (just a measurement thing). We're actively working on the instrumentation side of things for iOS so hopefully it goes away soon (and we'll have a lot more visibility into the requests).
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