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Full Version: Nexus S, Random redirects with a private IP address
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Hi Pat,

If you look at this test there's random redirects for private IP address - any ideas what's going on?
The private IP is the WebPagetest server (it has a local address that the phones and Dulles machines talk to so they don't go out through the router). I'm not sure what traffic the android agent would be sending when it should be running a test though Sad
It's a bit weird when you look in the pcap -
OK, that's completely bizarre. Wonder if android itself is doing some form of connectivity check to see if the wifi connection is active. The .1 is actually the gateway IP for the phone (the webpagetest server is a higher number).

Looks like it is doing a head request to the gateway IP Undecided

We are running a piece of software on the phones to help with the reliability of the wifi config (wifi fixer). It looks like it MIGHT be the one responsible for doing the HEAD requests. I'll see if I can turn off that method in the settings or maybe try disabling it on one of the phones to see how bad the wifi reliability issue is.
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