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Full Version: Is traffic shaping working on the Nexus S tests?
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Tested the same site on both the Nexus S and the iPhone but get very different load times Nexus - ~2s, iPhone - ~7s

Now I know the iPhone uses a UIWebView rather than the browser but I don't think that explains the differences.



Any ideas?
Argh, good catch, thanks.

I have a machine running dummynet between the phone's wifi access point and the router and it was incorrectly configured to shape a /24 block instead of /16 and the iPhones and Android phones are on different subnets.

It should be fixed now - sorry about that -

It's pretty sad that I'm nostalgic about the relative ease of testing IE on Windows (given how much of a black box IE is) Sad
No worries... Got enough data from the iPhone agent to write my blog post, but will retest using the Nexus agent too...

Yeh, there's got to be a better way of testing all this stuff!

Have you seen this for generating HARs via Chrome Remote Debugging -
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