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Full Version: request in Waterfall View that should not exist
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I have a question concerning this test:

I have noticed the requests in line 14 and 16 (a 301 redirect) in the Waterfall ... which should not be there as there.

There is no request of the folder in the source code (which, in case there would be one, would be redirected with a 301 to )

What could be the reason for this redirect in the test?
I can't find an error on our page ...
Hmm, I tried both IE 9 and Chrome which provide some information about what triggered the request (initiator) but it only appears to happen in IE 8 Sad
Hm, thank you Pat. Thats a good hint ... maybe it's simply a browser version issue.
In the IE9 test there is no such request ...
It's possible that it's malware targeting certain browsers?
Chris, there is no malware on our servers.
I have just noticed that in Safari this request exist as well (line 17):

Really strange ... what could that be?
Possibly an empty img src somewhere on the page?
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