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Hi, just a couple of queries about the reliability/consistency of tests using the iPhone 4 iOS 5.1 browser from Dulles.

Firstly, more of a general question - when it comes to Safari on iPhone, would the results be representative of Safari on iPad too? Assuming of course the processing power etc. of the iPhone and the iPad were the same. Or are there differences between the two that means we couldn't use the results from iPhone as a rough indication of the results from an iPad too?

Secondly, I've seen that the connection through the iPhone browser is 3G. Does this mean that the results we see are going to be very variable depending on how the signal strength/network capacity is at the time, or have I misinterpreted that?

Not sure about the comparative processing power of the iPhone / iPad but there are differences particularly with later models.

Whether you can use the iPhone results as an indication of performance on iPad will at least depend on how they site is built e.g. Responsive Web Design via media queries etc. could mean the resources on each platform may not be the same.

I generally wouldn't take the iPhone as representing the iPad experience.

As far as bandwidth goes the iPhone is connected over WiFi via a 'box' that shapes the bandwidth so actual cellular signal strength doesn't affect the test results.
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