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Full Version: thousands of tmp-files on agents
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we have a strange behaviour on hour agents (urlblast version 345, wptdriver version 89):

In agent-folder (or in c:\) hundreds of *.tmp-files (name starts with "FAP") arise daily. If the files arise in c:\ there is an additional file C:\*.dmp.
The files have a size of 0 bytes (in wni-explorer), but deleting of 80.000 files e.g. lasts 14 minutes. We have to remove these files manually, regularly.
Any idea what could cause the tmp-files?

Thanks and regards, Nils
Yeah, I've seen similar issues now and then on the public agents, just haven't had a chance to figure out where the files are coming from. I'm considering having urlblast/wptdriver automatically clean them up as a short-term hack while I try to figure out what created them.
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