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Full Version: Limiting connectivity options for a test agent
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Hi Pat,

I want to limit the connectivity options that are available for single browser in a location i.e. just like Dulles does for iPhone.

My guess is I need to add something like to the relavent location in locations.ini


(where 3G is one of the sections in connectivity.ini)

I've tried this and get 3G up as the bandwidth option when I pick iPhone but I get the section, 3G rather than the value from label= in the drop down.

So I'm not confident I've got it right, I've had a look through the code but think I'm missing something.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Also is it possible to restrict to more than one value e.g. 3G, WiFi


The connectivity=Blah line in the locations.ini doesn't actually choose a specific bandwidth setting. What it does is assumes that the test location does not have configurable connectivity and it is just a label that gets displayed (and the value can be anything).

You can put whatever you'd like in there - "WiFi-Connected 3G Shaped Connection" would work for example.

Since it's just documenting the one fixed configuration there is no restriction or selection.
Cool thanks - makes sense to me now!
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