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Full Version: Need advice on test priorities
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Hi Pat,

I'll shortly be setting up a private instance which will be used for frequent e.g. every 15mins, testing of live and integrated into CI processes too.

I want to give the tests against live a higher priority than the CI tests and have been wondering about the best way to do this.

Would you recommend I use API keys with different priorities or set the priority via the runtest.php parameter?
It should be done automatically. By default API tests will get a priority of 5 and UI-submitted tests will get a priority of 0 (you can check your getLocations.php to see the different priority queues).

If you need more granular control (like to give big bulk tests an even lower priority) I usually do that explicitly from the app calling the API and pass it as a runtest.php parameter though using different keys would let you change them centrally without having to update any code.
Thanks, very helpful.

What I was going to do is set the monitoring tests as highest priority, UI submitted as medium, and the continuous integration tests as the lowest (though might swap the last two around depending on client preference)
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