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First of, kudos to the developers, this is a really great tool.

I manage networking for user offices around the world and I am looking to baseline internet access performance for users in every site. Basically I would install the agents on servers at each site and load jobs daily to measure webpage load time.

Because of this I need to test the performance through our proxy. Optimization of the site does not matter because I'm goign to someone else's site (like

When I change remove the --no-proxy-setting setting from chrome options on the agent Chrome crashes pretty hard. Manually setting the proxy to an IP (replacing no proxt with --proxy-server="xyz:8080" causes chrome to complain that experimental extensions are not allowed (which means its ignoring the the other options where experimental is turned on) and not work. If I move that setting to the front of the options line I get a Windows error "Google Chrome has stopped working" and essentially it crashes.

Any ideas? Thanks!

PS. I know I could probably do this with curl and cron but I prefer something that approximates the browser and getting additional information like tcpdump is very helpful. I also like some of the bells and whistles with the API and job queuing so I can more simple programatically load different jobs daily.
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