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"First view" is a test that done with a browser that had its cache. right ?
Is there a way to disable browser cache for first view ?
Hi, I am also curious to know the answer of this question.
Is there a step where we can login via a script -> turn off cache and then use logData command to record the data.
Not sure I 100% understand. "First View" has all of the normal browser caches enabled but they are completely clear before each run so disabling it doesn't really make any sense.

As far as clearing a cache mid-script, that's a lot trickier because we can clear the disk cache but a lot of browsers also have an in-memory cache which may or may not get cleared (there is a clearCache script command that should work on Chrome and IE but your mileage may vary).

If you really need a clear cache as well as authentication, the best way is to record a session cookie from your local browser and use the setCookie command to populate the test with the same session. As a bonus it's also safer because you can log out on your desktop and the cookie becomes invalid.
setCookie does not work for me !! Tried it out in the desktop version as well.
Can someone please post an example ? I am just trying to see where I am making a mistake.

The desktop version returns a 'script error' : failed for it.

My exact question is, which cookie should be passed and the syntax ? I can see multiple cookies in the request header, and the syntax in the documentation is only for one.

Using the Firefox Extension - View Cookies, there can be several cookies on the page.
You can pass multiple set cookie commands, one for each cookie.
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