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I'm getting an F for Cache Static Content. I have a wordpress site on Hostgator shared hosting. I'm running Super Cache and Minify. How do I improve my score? I don't understand how to "Leverage browser caching of static assets". How do I combine css and js scripts?
Would implementing Cloudflare help in any way? Thanks!
Cloudflare may help. I'm pretty sure they support auto-versioning your content but it would help more if you could do it on your server (and then something like cloudflare can benefit by knowing that the resource didn't change so they don't have to keep checking).

W3 Total Cache is one way to enable browser caching and is somewhat safer than doing it manually if you're not sure what you are doing (blindly doing it could lead to really bad results where people get broken versions of your site because they have old parts of it cached).
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