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How can I "Activate" the video rendering?
I've this message "No test agents are configured to render video" on /install

I've installed AVISynth on agent.
I only run wptdriver (not urlblast)
FilmStrip View is working well
Zip a created in /work/video

Do I need to addd something in a config file ?
Server side ? Agent side ?


Ok I found my mistake.
Urlblast do the video.
I was thinking it's used only for IE and video rendering is done on server side.

When make it running, video rendering works.

Yeah, sorry. The long-term plan is to do video rendering on teh server and it's on my list to tackle this year, just haven't implemented it yet.
I have the same issue but I installed both URLBlast and AVISynth.
Make sure you've got the line enableVideo=1 in settings.ini (it's missing from the how-to I wrote)
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